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Luxury Floral Gifts

Preserved floral art. Handcrafted using Australian natives & flora from around the world. Encapsulated in resin forever.

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About Us

Australian Orbs started in 2019, using the extensive knowledge and experienced craftsmanship that had been researched and developed for years through it's sister company - Everafter flower preservation.

We gather some of the finest examples of fresh Australian flora for our Australian Orb range and put them through an extensive freeze-drying process, using state of the art technology and equipment. This process fully preserve them and stops any further deterioration.

From there, we take it much further and the end result is a beautifully handcrafted Orb - Filled with an array of preserved Australian native flora and encapsulated in resin forever.

All of our Orbs are Australian made and handcrafted using the highest quality resins available.
Each & every Orb is meticulously created over a number of weeks - Delicately arranged by our own floral designers (after the freeze drying process), then encapsulated in resin.
Once each Orb has hardened, they are thoroughly sanded and polished to reveal a high gloss finish.

Our newest range of handmade products - preserved flower jewellery -  were introduced in mid 2020.
These stunning jewellery pieces are created using preserved flower species of all types and origins. 
Much like our Orb range, our flower jewellery also goes through the same extensive step-by-step processes, then encapsulated in tiny resin spheres.
Once individually sanded & polished, we then attach the sterling silver jewellery and transform them into beautiful pendants & earring sets.

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Our Native Flora

Australia has some of the most unique and almost "alien like" flora on earth, with so many vibrant and strange species appearing as they're not from this world.

We decided to start Australian Orbs so that clients all over the world would be able to purchase these luxury gifts and have their very own piece of Australia in their own homes.

A beautifully presented work of art, handcrafted in Australia. Modern 3D floral preservation at it's finest.

Australian Flora